The Perpetual Calendar Is One Of The Most Advanced And Romantic Problems In All Of Horology

The perpetual calendar is among the most progressive and romantic problems in all of horology. Because this year is a leap year, all but the most complicated calendar watches are going to need that extra measure of work come the end of February creating the perpetual calendar also known as a QP. In the small window in the dial showing the day of the month to the day of the week, a QP seamlessly counts everything from seconds to leap year cycles, plus it just must be fixed once a hundred years. Yes, we stated once a hundred years.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Ultra Thin Eternal

Purity is what this watch is all about. JLC metal black dial eternal packs the calendar perform in a Ultra slim modular, the self winding caliber 868 that measures just 5 mm thick . It is packaged in a 39mm case. It boasts three registers plus moon phase display at twelve oclock, and two added notables: y window at 7 oclock and an aperture just above the axis level towards 12 oclock that turns red as evening falls an indicator the wearer should not fix the watch afterward, for danger of damaging the equipment . Its price is $20400.

Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle Tourbillon QP

As uncommon as high complication watches get, this unique Traditionnelle features a tourbillon and perpetual calendar in platinum and with an atypical grey dial. Place within its 44mm case is Vacheron calibre 2253 motion, which, along with the QP operate, contains the times of sunrise and sunset which might be set to the wearer's home town, and equation time. Additionally, its exceptional power reservation of 14 days or 336 hours. This bit is numbered in an edition of 10. Its price is $482000.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar

Powered by fresh automatic calibre 5134 movements, the watch now comes in four variants, two in stainless steel, and 2 in rose gold with both dark blue or silvered Grande Tapisserie dial. Because of an enlarged 41mm case dimension, the dial display day, date, astronomic moon, month, and leap year is more legible. Also of note: The months of the year are displayed on an outer chapter ring via a third centre mounted hand . Its price is $60900.

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