Look Sharp And Stay Focused With Our Pick Of The Summer Season Best Shades For Guys

It's time to get some significantly glossy shades in your armoury. Look sharp and remain focused with our pick of the season best shades for men


Trust us, you will be seeing great deal of green on the roads this season. However, if you re perhaps not quite ready to invest in a completely tonal suit yet, attempt these sunglasses to add a burst of green readily to any outfit. £12


Its not only Gucci garments offering that getting more fluid, we are also viewing a big helping of hybridity when it comes the label frames. By using classic shape and adding tortoise shell frames, Gucci has taken this aviators means from throwback territory. £240.

Hugo Boss

We are big fan of style hybrid vehicles, and this is one of our favourites when it involves sunglasses right now. Traditional tortoiseshell in the front, it's only when you turn to the aspect that you get dash of blue with the distinction steel arms. Perfect with a white shirt, short pants and a pair of breezy Rivieras as on the beach. £105.


The sky might be shining, but that's no reason to rule out gray as he colour on your next pair of shades. We especially like these smoky, Sixties-vibing sunglasses from Burberry you looking like mysterious, Movie Noir leading man even if you should be sunning yourself on the shore.£235.


Timeless styles with modern elements are big this season - and sweat bars notably that's the strip of metal that runs across the best, linking the lenses together. These Versace sunglasses keep the detail distinctly from Top Gun territory by covering the metal bar in satiny, sandy leather.£182

Tom Ford sun glasses

In case you had seen, menswear is in the grips of leading Seventies resurrection right now, no designer is better than Tom Ford when it comes to glasses. We are big fans of these sleek metal and acetate hybrid vehicle Tf334 aviators. Wear with a jacket for maximum impact. £265

Ace & Tate

If you previously wear glasses and do not want to carry around extra pair of shades in your pocket just in case the sun makes an appearance, look in to something that can do both. These Milan shades from Ace & Ta Te are the transformer of the sunglasses world: not only do they look fantastic as opticals, but the clip on shades instantly convert them into something sunshine-shielding at far less cost than purchasing a separate pair.£134.

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