About Focus Group Magic

Hi, my name is Rich B. AKA Multima$tery, and I built Focus Group Magic to help people find the Best Paid Focus Groups. This way you can make some extra cash!

I have been fascinated by Paid Focus Groups every since I participated in my first one years ago. It was just so thrilling when I got paid my first $50 for just sitting in a room with a bunch of cool people answering questions about beer for 30 minutes. I said to myself “Hey, now that is an eeeaaasy way to make some extra cash!”.

Lemme tell ya… I really needed that money back then, and it was really a Magical moment when I got handed over that nice chunk of cash for what “felt like” nothing – Hence The Name: Focus Group Magic!

Since then I have participated in several paid focus groups sharing my opinions to influence products & services in the marketplace – all while making a nice chunk of extra cash doing it.

But then I noticed something…I noticed that when I mentioned the term “paid focus groups” to people, they would look at me with this blank dumbfounded look on their face, like they didn’t know what they heck I was talking about.

And then it dawned on me… they really didn’t know what the heck I was talking about. In fact, to this very day many still don’t know (or really understand) what paid focus groups are – or that they even exist.

So this is why I created Focus Group Magic. So that I could share this information with people from all over who can really appreciate this hard-to-find information and use it to make some extra cash!

Thanks for visiting and enjoy your finds here at Focus Group Magic!

Rich B. AKA Multima$tery
Founder & CEO