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58 thoughts on “Best Paid Focus Groups

  • Carlos Hernandez

    Its enticing, to be compensated for your behavior. Sucks some studies are limited to select regions, and even then lucky are the selected few from the countless applicants.

  • Alberto Lopez

    Ive always conspired big business invests a seemingly endless budget to find what makes their consumer tick. Reading this article I don’t find it hard to believe a legit listing exists for best paid focus groups. I once was emailed a survey for compensation conducted by wix but I wasn’t selected, after the very first question I was ejected. Maybe I wasn’t the demo they were looking to study. I suppose selected interested parties should consider themselves lucky to have been chosen out of all applicants.

  • Robert

    This is such a great opportunity for me, I can’t have a full time job as I’m a student and my schedule is kinda tight, I already love posting my opinions to start a further discussion about plenty of topics.
    Its also really nice to have a list of all these different focus groups to try out, its really important to check on the legitimacy of these groups though.

  • Hania Luthufi

    This website shows me a completely new concept of working at home. Its great to know that in today’s fast world, one can conveniently make an income at home or while traveling. It’s really great for platforms like this to exist, through open and honest opinions and discussions, I can see how consumers/users/commentators can help companies/producers make their products and services flawless and fit for mass consumption. We live in times where there is too much of everything in the market. The more we refine what we put out there, the better it will be, for us and the future of the environment we live in.

  • Alyona

    This article is really useful. The idea of Paid Focus Groups is a great opportunity because such people as me (student who doesn’t have much time to work) also can find something for herself. This kind of expressing your own opinion as well as discussion about pros and cons of a product etc. is surely to help the owners of a companies reveal most of the problems and find ways of solving them. Actually it’s a kind of business where two sides get advantages of the process: commentators- money and an opportunity to express their thoughts on this or that topic and help to develop the product into something better and more competitive on worldwide stock market, owners of the companies – clearly understand demands of users and transform the product they used to have into something that can become a sensation and perhaps even blow up the market. So thank you a lot for websites, I’ll try to find something for myself.

  • Nira

    As we all are well aware, online scammers had been flooding the internet sites since ages of time. Yet, a lot of people are still falling for these scams in order to gain a few extra easy incomes. Though it is understandable that we all need some little extra money,it is VERY IMPORTANT to check the legitimization of the site we are accessing. Our carelessness might lead to our own downfall.

  • Mihsaan

    This looks like exactly what I needed. I’ve seen and used plenty of services before but always felt that I needed to give something back, other than the money of course. If I can help to improve any of these services by participating in a focused group I’ll be glad to. Thanks for bringing this to light.

  • Ria

    I appreciate the reminder on good practices. There are serious risks that come with joining focus groups without checking them out for legitimacy. A lot of people also tend to give out personal information, making them easy prey for online scammers. Thanks for suggesting legit opportunities!

  • Lynn

    I clicked a couple of paid focus group you provided in this article. They looked legit to me. I might try and enroll. I stopped enrolling at paid research group because they were just wasting my time. Not only that I didn’t get paid, they also sent me spam/junk mail.

    • Multima$tery Post author

      Hi Lynn, thank you for your comment. Glad you were able to find some paid focus group opportunities here that caught your eye. And I’m assuming when you said “I stopped enrolling at paid research group because they were just wasting my time. Not only that I didn’t get paid, they also sent me spam/junk mail.” you’re probably talking about paid online surveys right? Because I have never participated in (nor heard of) any legit paid focus group that didn’t pay and go on to send out spam/junkmail; that just doesn’t fit how they operate.

  • Ruel

    I personally think that it is legitimate to earn money through online surveys and listings like these are quite helpful. But people should be very careful in making their decision on the opportunities they are to take advantage.