A Few Tips How To Save Some Money While Traveling

If you are on a long camping trip then naturally eating THREE times a day will consider its toll on your bank balance. My first solution to this was simply to not eat 3 times each day, but excessive weight loss and pain inducing hunger soon lets you understand that's not long term option.

Ignore the Lonely Planet

I would go as far as to say that the day restaurant gets featured in the LP is the day it stops being local eatery and is currently going to frequented by hordes of backpackers queue price increases, portion shrinkage and general decrease in quality and price. So as a rule, don't consume where the LP implies

Hit up the local markets

These places are guaranteed to be stocking endless quantities of delicious local food and they really very seldom charge you a foreigner price. Most likely you will have to point, smile, perform charades and still have no idea what you re purchasing but it really is experience in itself Sure, you might have to sit on a splintered wooden bench and eat with your fingers but that's all part of the fun and for a fraction of the cost too.


If you re traveling in North America, Europe, Australia, Japan etc afterward supermarkets are gift from God. It is expensive to eat out every day in these countries so get yourself down to the nearby supermarket preferably at the conclusion of the day when stuff is getting reduced and replenish for breakfast lunch the next day. You can pick up bread rolls, meat, cheese, milk for fraction of the cost of a local restaurant even more affordable if you go in a group, bulk buy and cook for each other.

Dont be averse to becoming a veggie

Red meat is tasty. End of story. True, but you will see as you travel around the world meat is costly, and also usually pretty poor quality so if you have the mental strength to show your back on the meat world every once in a while then you re food will be cheaper, better quality.

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