Get Paid To Take Surveys – Bullsh%#? 41

Paid Surveys Bullsh%#?

There are all type of deals on the web that say you can get paid to take surveys. Businesses need to do market research, to figure out exactly what consumers desire, exactly what they require, and exactly what they want. Conducting surveys are a fast means for them to discover this precise information.

The big question is whether it deserves the initiative to take part in these surveys. While you possibly will never ever get rich doing them, you could make some added money taking on-line surveys. As well as incorporated with various other techniques of gaining revenue online, it could definitely play a small part to an effective profile of on-line success.

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41 thoughts on “Get Paid To Take Surveys – Bullsh%#?

  • darna0124

    I hate those pop-up surveys whether its paid or not. They take too much of my time during research even thoughsome are not fraud I still don,t trust online surveys. But I think 1-2 of my friends were lucky enough to recieve a paid survey.

  • Alex P

    If you’re depending on these sites (the legitimate ones anyway) for your sole income.. you’re setting yourself up for disappointment. However, getting paid for your opinion and making some pocket change is not necessarily a bad thing.

  • Alex

    I think if you look at these sites as sole incomes( the legitimate ones anyway) you’re surely setting yourself up for disappointment. But, Making some pocket change just by giving your opinion isn’t the worst idea.

  • Dominic Savio

    You also have to decide if taking surveys is actually worth your time. The effort that goes into answering a survey might be better spend more lucrative. Unlike other jobs, where you are generally paid more the better at it you are, answering surveys doesn’t really lead to anything but answering more surveys and getting paid the same.

  • Nicole Ortiz

    Honestly, I haven’t encountered a legit paid survey, so I might be a bit biased. I usually encounter “paid” surveys as these annoying pop-ups and even though I normally close them, sometimes the money tempts me and I proceed with it. Sadly, none have been legit. The worst one so far I’ve encountered asked for my credit card details! I mean, seriously? However, it is nice to know that they do exist, but I’ve yet to see one.

  • Nicole Ortiz

    I totally agree with what was said in the article—finding legit surveys that will actually pay you is really hard to find. The worst ones I’ve encountered so far would ask me for my credit card account, I mean, seriously? Why would I need to give out my account details just for a survey? To date, I haven’t encountered a reputable one, but it is nice to know that they exist.

  • kannan

    can you suggest some good sites-global test market and you gov only seems to be genuine in terms of completing and getting points.but global test gives only market points.You gov it seems will years or decades to reach minimum threshold ,also nowadays they are outsourcing their surveys thru global test in our regions which again reduces the chances of scoring points in Youguv

    • Multima$tery

      Sorry, I don’t know of any good survey sites at this that I would recommend, especially not global. They are hard to find. Perhaps someone will comment and share a legitimate recommendation.

  • zia

    Because of many fake paid online surveys, it is now hard to know which one is legit and which one is not. Though it can be a source of extra income, I think it will still be better to look for other part time jobs. I’m not against people who do paid online survey, it’s just that many surveys will not pay cash but will just give you some points or chances to win certain things.

  • Margareth Smith

    Taking surveys to earn extra money is a good thing. Yes, it won’t make you rich, but an additional income is not bad at all. Just make sure that the surveys you are taking are legit sites.