Get Paid To Take Surveys – Bullsh%#? 41

Paid Surveys Bullsh%#?

There are all type of deals on the web that say you can get paid to take surveys. Businesses need to do market research, to figure out exactly what consumers desire, exactly what they require, and exactly what they want. Conducting surveys are a fast means for them to discover this precise information.

The big question is whether it deserves the initiative to take part in these surveys. While you possibly will never ever get rich doing them, you could make some added money taking on-line surveys. As well as incorporated with various other techniques of gaining revenue online, it could definitely play a small part to an effective profile of on-line success.

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41 thoughts on “Get Paid To Take Surveys – Bullsh%#?

  • Andrea

    It is very dificult to find paid surveys that are not a sham. The best thing is to find a real job and to this for extra cash and not for paying your bills.

  • Publius

    People do make money taking surveys, if they qualify by fitting into certain more ‘popular’ demographics. Especially with product surveys. A cereal company is going to be more interested in what a 30 year old mother of three has to say over what a 55 year old bachelor thinks. People get screened out of a lot a surveys because they don’t fit the target demographic.

    • Multima$tery

      Yes true, some people do get “screened out of a lot a surveys because they don’t fit the target demographic.” And some people get strung along and then screen without pay even after some shady surveys companies have knowingly collected the *exact* data they need. Don’t think for a moment this doesn’t happen. Some companies play dirty! And as long as they get paid – they can give a rats booty if you do.

  • Agha

    This blog post is an informative article. However, it is quite discouraging in nature. It is really alarming to see that there are so many fraudulent websites offering paid surveys. I personally had several harrowing experiences. Yet, the writer could have informed us about at least a couple of reputed websites. However, I liked the overall content.

    • Multima$tery

      Hi Agha, I’m not a big fan of paid surveys as you can tell. This site really focuses on the benefits of paid focus groups. But I’ll post some legit paid surveys if I find some needles in the haystack.

  • Bernie

    There is no harm on taking surveys for some extra cash. we always have our internet connection at hand so there’s no fuss really. you just have to be extra careful and wary to avoid fake ones.

    • Multima$tery

      Well you can’t really avoid what you can’t see coming. Once they loop you in with question after question and then shut the door in your face just in a knick of time saying you don’t qualify, that’s not fun at all. So yeah…may not be harmful to my health, but definitely a harmful waste of my time. And my time is very valuable.

  • Lisa

    I have done many surveys and most of the time I don’t qualify. They never give you the reason why. Most of the sites I have been too have been complete bullsh… I agree that if you are asked to spend money to make money… its bull. Always do a internet search!

    • Multima$tery

      Well Lisa you know I definitely hear you. But let me clarify that sometimes it is OK to spend money to make money. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with that; that’s just business investments. But as far as paying to take surveys, that’s just pure bullsh… just wanted to clarify that. Thank you for your comment!

  • Quena Valenzuela.

    Its very difficult to find a site that is acutually legit, everytime I find a site they all say is a survey about a specific product or service but when the survey gets to you they always end up asking you all kinds of personal information. You would thought they ask you for that only once so the can send you a survey according to your profile but no. That makes them seem fake.

  • Jane

    Doing those surveys is a waste of time. The time that is used to find all the reputable sites that pay money and actually do the surveys could be used to find a job. McDonald’s is always hiring!

  • Maya Pillai

    Many survey websites are fraud and fake. They make you answer to last bit and when you click the submit button it display technical error. But then how do we know which one is genuine and which one is not.

    • Multima$tery

      That’s the million dollar question! which is why I don’t really fool with the online surveys. There’s some legit ones out there but it’s like a needle in a haystack. That’s why I much rather prefer paid focus groups.

  • Lyshka

    I’ve had terrible luck finding legitimate paid surveys. I’ve received a couple Amazon gift cards in the past, but those situations are few and far between. The majority of the time, I just get mysteriously “disconnected” as they’re processing my information.

  • EMSandoval

    Sure it would be fun to make some money taking surveys, but it can be a tad too tiring as well. If you find legit sites, and you have time to do them, by all means do it. But be wary of those that ask for memberships or fees for access. You’re doing them the service so they should compensate you for the effort and not charge you when it’s you they need.