Best Paid Focus Groups

Whether you know it or not the best paid focus groups are conducted by market research firms willing to pay you Big Money for your opinions.

And nooo I’m not talking about some of those cheesy online surveys that do nothing but waste your time and say they’ll enter you into some bogus $10,000 sweepstakes!

I’m talking about legitimate market research companies that will pay you on average $50 – $200 for around 30 minutes to 2 hours of your time JUST for giving your opinions.

Why you ask?… because your input helps their clients save money –And lots of it! These business clients that are seeking your feedback range from small to Large businesses.

What they’re doing is conducting marketing research studies to test (and gain quality feedback) about new products/services BEFORE they invest Big Money in mass marketing campaigns.

Simply put, these businesses are wise enough to know that your valued opinions could save them hundreds, thousands or even Millions of dollars in the long run. This is why they take the time to do market research. And fortunately YOU can get paid handsomely for it ~ It’s Quick & Easy Money $-)

What are Paid Focus Groups?

Paid Focus groups (otherwise known as discussion groups or market research studies) are usually done in person in a small group setting of about 8 to 12 people. In a way they’re kinda like ‘in-person’ paid surveys within a group setting. Some focus groups are done online and by phone as well.

Upon completion of your focus group, you can expect immediate pay by cash or check (unless some other form of compensation has been agreed upon like rewards, gifts, etc.

Below are some of the Best Paid Focus Groups that I’ve discovered!

I’d suggest you register for as many groups as possible to increase your chances of qualifying for a Paid Focus Group.

There is no real secret on how to qualify; basically you just have to fit the profile & demographics of what a particular client is looking for.

But don’t worry, because if you don’t qualify for one – there’s surely another right around the corner!

So without further ado Make Your Opinions Count!$$$!


Best Paid Focus Group Listings

Fieldwork Inc. – offers focus group opportunities to residents of Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, New Jersey, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York, Phoenix, San Francisco and Seattle.

Plaza Research – caters to residents of Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Ft.Lauderdale, Houston, LA, New York, Philly, Phoenix, San Diego, San Francisco, Tampa and Las Vegas

Schlesinger Associates – conducts focus groups for residents of the UK: Central London & Wimbleton. And for the US: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, New Jersey, NY, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix and San Francisco

Delve – conducts focus groups for residents of Appleton, WI -, Atlanta, Chicago, Columbus, Dallas, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Phoenix and St. Louis

Focus Pointe Global – offers focus groups to residents of San Francisco, Los Angeles, Dallas, St. Louis, Chicago, Atlanta, – Bala Cynwyd, PA -, Philadelphia, New York City, – Teaneck, NJ – and Boston.

20/20 Research Incorporated – caters to residents primarily in the Nashville, Charlotte and Miami area. If you are outside of this area, then you might still be eligible to participate in their online groups.

Resolution Research – Denver, CO based Resolution Research has been around a while (since the early ’90’s). They don’t specify any restrictions on geographical areas that they’re recruiting for. They just basically state that they have clients Worldwide which is good.

MATRIX Research – Paid Focus Groups conducted in Chicago – New York – Washington, DC – Atlanta – Miami – Dallas – Seattle – San Francisco – Los Angeles – Toronto – London – Paris – Munich – Sydney – Melbourne – Perth – Tokyo – Shanghai – Seoul – Hong Kong.

Consumer Opinion Services – Data collection for consumer research. Focus groups, mall intercepts. Seattle, Portland, Spokane, Boise, Chicago, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas.

Probe Market Research – This is a nationwide recruiting firm that seeks participants regularly in Atlanta, GA – Boston, MA – Chicago, IL – Dallas, TX – Las Vegas, NV – Los Angeles, CA – Miami, FL – Minneapolis, MN – New York City & Tri-State Area – San Diego/ San Francisco, CA and Seattle, WA.

Yahoo! User Research Panel – Everyone is familiar with Yahoo! If not then you must be from another planet LOL… However, a fact you may not know is that this popular email / search engine Giant also conducts paid research panels Worldwide. They just might need your “Paid” assistance for juicy feedback!

Savitz Research Companies – This firm conducts Paid Focus Groups Nationwide. Earn between $50 to $300 for your time. This is a great find, get full details…

Alibaba – Receive monetary compensation for providing your valuable feedback to help improve the Alibaba website. The Alibaba Group regularly conducts different types of paid interviews and usability studies globally.

Google User Experience Research Studies – I just recently found out that search engine giant Google has relaunched openings for their paid usability studies. Most of their paid focus groups take place in-person at their California, New York or Washington State offices. They occasionally conduct studies in their other offices around the world as well. In addition, they conduct paid online focus groups that you may be able to participate in straight from your computer or smartphone. General payment for your participation with Google studies is via gift card or donation to your favorite charity.

You can do any additional research prior to agreeing to participate in any paid focus group market research study. But it’s really not all that serious because you’re never required to pay to get involved in any of these – so that eliminates financial risk right there.

Also, you are never required to give out any “hard personal information” like your social security number or bank account numbers. All they really ask is just basic demographic and behavioral questions. So on that basis, it’s good to register with as many programs as possible to increase you chances of being chosen for a study.

If you want to find more relevant listings for your area, then you might try searching the Internet or your local phone book directory. I will warn tho you that this can become very tedious research. Legitimate focus group firms that are open for public registration are just not that easy to find.

…Oh yeah and one more thing, watch out for all those bogus listings on sites like Craigslist and Backpage. I’ve seen tons of crap on there with no contact info or anything. Anyways, best wishes and have a blast making some easy cash!-)


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